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Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow!


September 21, 2023

9:00 am

Location: ZOOM ONLY

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Phone Call (No Video) – Call 646 876 9923 and enter Meeting ID 967 1685 4363

A few counties requested that the FOC signature be added to the FEN14L in MiCSES rather than requiring handwritten signatures. The FEN14L includes two forms: (1) the Motion and Order to Show Cause for Contempt (Support), and (2) the Notice of Contempt Hearing for Failure to Pay Support. If you would like your FOC signature added to the FEN14L, please email the Help Desk a PNG or GIF of the signature, along with the name of the person who the signature belongs to (in case the signature is hard-to-read). 

There are a number of Google Groups that you or your staff might be interested in, the newest being the Michigan Child Support Formula (MCSF) and Support Determination Google Group. The FOCB, in partnership with representatives from the FOCs and PAs, recently created this Google Group for questions and answers with the MCSF and support determinations. The group is designed to be user-led and will create a library of questions and answers users can search as needed.  Membership is open to PAs and FOCs who perform support determinations (either establishing orders, or review and modifications). To be added to the group, please email Paul Gehm, Lisa Harris, Amy Rebideaux, Christen Schwab, or Jennifer Granzow.

If you or your staff is interested in joining other Google Groups, please email one of the contacts listed below:

Does the marriage of the parties invalidate the support obligation from charging in a DS case?  Typically when this situation happens, the parties will inform FOC that they have married and want the charges stopped.  We have one now where no one notified FOC of the marriage.

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